A Time To Relish With Kronenbourg 1664

Enjoy a FREE bucket or 2 full pints of Kronenbourg 1664 starting 15 March to 15 May 2014! We at Kronenbourg 1664 believe that having time to enjoy life is important. Everybody should take a bit of time each week to relax and appreciate life at your own pace. Time to sit with friends and have a proper conversation over a cold beer. Time to unwind and taste the French way of life.

Hence, introducing Cinq A Sept (pronounced as “Sank-ah-Sept”), which refers to the hours 5pm – 7pm where work ends and one would go down to a bar to meet their friends for a drink in France. Redeem a free bucket today and enjoy it with your friends.

How to Participate?

You will stand to win prizes worth RM85,000 as well. Don’t miss out this chance to be rewarded. So wait no more and treat your friend with a Kronenbourg 1664 today!


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