A Guide to Smoothness and Longevity by Carlsberg and Dato’ Joey Yap

Carlsberg, together with the World Renowned Feng Shui Expert Dato’ Joey Yap, releases Chinese Zodiac reading videos, sharing scores of tips and advice

SHAH ALAM, 13 January 2022 – Bringing to life its Chinese New Year Campaign theme that wishes beer lovers ‘Coming Together for a Smoother Year’, Carlsberg has teamed up with the World’s No.1 expert in Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, Dato’ Joey Yap, to share what lies in store for each Zodiac sign this Lunar New Year.

Following the resounding success in 2019, this partnership marks the second CNY collaboration between Carlsberg and Dato’ Joey Yap. Building on the positive reviews, the beer brand believes 2022 is the time for beer consumers to rethink lives, restore livelihoods and rejoice with family and friends while coping with the pandemic.

By tapping into the ancient philosophy and wisdom of metaphysics, Carlsberg brings Dato’ Joey Yap into the fold once again to give consumers a guide on how they can better achieve greater balance and improvements in their lives. Understanding that the rebuilding process is not going to be easy, this partnership aims to give beer enthusiasts a helping hand in optimising abundance and prosperity to have ‘smoothness’ and 'longevity’ in the year ahead. Even the brewer’s CNY limited edition cans featuring the Chinese character ‘Fu’ [福] and ancient Chinese Treasure ships have received a positive nod from the Feng Shui expert signifying, smoothness, wellbeing and abundance.

“The year 2022 is decidedly a new year in so many ways. As we emerge better together, we at Carlsberg hope that this year will present us with more positive opportunities, a greater outlook on what lies ahead and prosperity. We decided to work with Dato’ Joey Yap again, who is undoubtedly an expert on the subject matter, to share Feng Shui insights with consumers so that we can all capitalise on the infinite potential, exuberance, and abundance in this Lunar New Year,” said Stefano Clini, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.

According to Dato’ Joey Yap, “The campaign theme for CNY this year, ‘Coming Together for a Smoother Year’ is extremely fitting given what we have all lived through the last two years. 2022 is a new beginning for all of us, and Carlsberg, with such an astute understanding of their customers, has put together a campaign that not only encourages positivity but allows everyone to have better clarity and focus for a smoother, happier and healthier year ahead.”

Presented in the form of 12 videos, which also feature actor and comedian Jaspers Lai, best known for his character “Bao YaGood”, the Zodiac readings have been carefully directed to focus on each specific sign, delivering unique insights, tips and advice on how consumers can navigate the new year to their benefit and enjoy smoothness and longevity together with friends and family. Each Zodiac reading is also featured exclusively on Carlsberg’s 12 unique playing cards, so consumers can look forward to obtaining all 12 decks for the full Zodiac set, making it a great collector’s item this coming CNY.  

Apart from the videos and exclusive playing cards, Carlsberg has invited Dato’ Joey Yap to host a special sharing session during its Chinese New Year celebration event taking place in mid-January. The event which kicks-off a full calendar of activities is geared towards bringing the essence and traditions of CNY to life which will be accessible to everyone.

“Our ‘Coming Together for a Smoother Year’ campaign is more than just having a great CNY celebration. We hope that with our limited-edition CNY Carlsberg Danish Pilsner and Carlsberg Smooth Draught cans, exclusive rewards, distinctive Zodiac videos and planned activities, we will be able to energise the wellbeing of all beer enthusiasts, deliver harmony and prosperity and help everyone find ‘smoothness’ and ‘longevity’ moving forward,” added Clini.

The customised Zodiac Sign videos for 2022 by Carlsberg and Dato’ Joey Yap will be available  from 5th January 2022 on

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Carlsberg Malaysia's Managing Director, Stefano Clini with World’s No.1 expert in Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics, Dato’ Joey Yap

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Carlsberg Danish Pilsner or Carlsberg Smooth Draught CNY limited-edition cans