RM1.2 Million Raised For Chinese Schools In Sarawak

2nd leg of ‘I Love Chinese Education’ East Malaysia charity concert received overwhelming response and support

Shah Alam, 24th October 2011 - Carlsberg Malaysia has recently concluded the second-leg of ‚I Love Chinese Education‛ East Malaysia charity concerts in Kuching and Bintulu, Sarawak. An astounding school-building fund of RM1.2 million was raised in support of the development of four Chinese schools in Sarawak. Combined with the amount raised in Sarawak last year, the fund-raising drive sponsored by Carlsberg Malaysia has to-date accumulated approximately RM1.5 million education funds and benefitted thousands of students from approximately 30 Chinese schools in Kuching, Miri, Bintulu and Sibu.

At the first charity show held in Kuching, the fund-raising committee of Chung Hua High School 1, 2 & 4 announced that total fund collection was more than RM679,618, exceeded target set on RM 500,000. Adding to the positive results, the charity show held in Bintulu also received overwhelming support and generous contributions from its local community, where RM512,000 was raised for the development of the United Primary Chinese school, exceeded target set on RM400,000. These achievements are evidence of the passion towards Chinese language and the dedication of the Sarawakian Chinese in supporting the development of Chinese schools.

‚Carlsberg Malaysia operates in a environmental sound and socially responsible manner. We believe in ‘Sharing with the Community Unconditionally’, and have been championing and funding many charity drives in support of the development of education. We are extremely pleased to learn that education fund raised through the ‘I Love Chinese Education’ programme has reached RM 2.7million and the fund-raising drive is highly regarded by the members of the public,‛ Mr. Bernard Gan, Area Sales Manager of Carlsberg Malaysia mentioned in his opening remarks.

At the charity concert held in Bintulu, Chairman of Persatuan Lembaga Pengurusan Sekolahsekolah Rendah Cina Dibantu Bersatu Bahagian Bintulu Mr. Wong Aik Loung commented that ‚We would like to thank Carlsberg Malaysia for bringing the ‘I Love Chinese Education’ charity concert from Peninsula Malaysia to East Malaysia. This project has encouraged people from all walks of life to partake in the fund-raising mission for our school‛.

 I Love Chinese Education‛ East Malaysia charity concert is a corporate social responsibility programme of Carlsberg Malaysia in support of the development of Chinese education and institutions in East Malaysia. It is originated and inspired from another community project by the brewer named Top Ten Charity Campaign, a fund-raising drive with two national records of being ‘The Longest-running and Highest Funds raised Chinese charity show in Malaysia’.

'Since the introduction of ‘I Love Chinese Education‛ charity concert last year, the programme has helped many Chinese schools to raise funds via proceeds from sale of tickets to the fundraising concerts or dinners. To date, RM 2.7million was successfully raised via eight charity concerts held in both Sabah and Sarawak.


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