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Value Creation

Our value creation extends beyond profits. We leverage various capitals to deliver both financial and nonfinancial value for stakeholders. Trade-offs between capitals are necessary to balance the best interests of all stakeholders.

We create value by applying six types of capitals: Financial, Manufactured, Intellectual, Human, Social & Relationship and Natural. Our long-term relevance as a business depends on the availability of these capitals, their utilisation and the consequent values delivered.


Our income and earnings are used to operate and grow the business. We channel our financial funds to pay relevant stakeholders, finance other types of capitals and accelerate our innovations.

Near-term: Financial capital is used to grow the other capitals, which temporarily lowers its stock.

Long-term: Improvements in the other capitals ultimately replenishes and grows financial capital.


Our manufacturing operations and supply chain are crucial to make sure we always provide quality products.

Near-term: Manufacturing operations utilize financial and natural capital.

Long-term: Increase in manufactured capital will help deliver higher financial returns, which can be channelled into environmental initiatives to restock natural capital.


Our legacy as a global reputable brewer is what stakeholders trust. We embrace innovation to strengthen our value proposition and competitive edge.

Near-term: Investments in R&D and new category development reduce our immediate financial capital.

Long-term: New innovation boosts our competitive advantage for improved financial performance. The associated branding also improves our social and relationship capital.


Our skilled, diverse and innovative workforce drives our strategies forward. We invest in our employees so that they have the tools, capabilities and opportunities to progress their careers with us.

Near-term: Training and development programmes require financing and put pressure on our financial capital.

Long-term: The new skills and knowledge acquired by employees will result in greater profitability later, thus refilling our financial capital.

Social & Relationship

Our corporate citizenship and strong stakeholder relationships allow us to meet our nation building agenda. We take pride in providing platforms that build a resilient and thriving society.

Near-term: Community and stakeholder engagement programmes cause an outflow of financial capital.

Long-term: The trust created with stakeholders will provide opportunities to grow human, intellectual and financial capital.


Our operations rely on energy and other natural resources to run our premises. We strive to continuously reduce the impact of our activities on the environment through green initiatives and investments.

Near-term: Green technology and initiatives require capital expenditures that lower our financial capital.

Long-term: Resource-efficient operations help conserve both natural and financial capital in the long term. They also improve public trust, which strengthens social & relationship capital.

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