Sustainability at Carlsberg

Sustainability at Carlsberg

The Carlsberg Malaysia Group believes that sustainability is at the core of the environmental, social and governance responsibilities we have. Sustainability is also central to our global purpose of Brewing for a Better Today & Tomorrow.

Our founder, J.C. Jacobsen, was committed to improving brewing and society, giving us the foundation for our purpose. His legacy drives us to pursue perfection every day as we strive to brew better beers with quality, innovation and pride that stand at the heart of moments that
bring people together.

Beyond brewing, the same Purpose compels us to focus on a sustainable future for our business, stakeholders, environment and the communities we operate in, going far beyond the short-term and immediate.

Within our SAIL’22 strategy which underlies our business model, our overarching call for sustainable brewing is most visible in the underlying enablers of ‘Create a Winning Culture’ and ‘Defend Our License to Operate’. Within these enablers, we strive to achieve sustainable business operations for our people and the planet we live in, ahead of simply pursuing short-term profits. Our commitment across all Carlsberg markets in the world is to attain a sustainable performance today so that we may achieve a better world tomorrow.

Driven by this goal, our ambition is to create meaningful impacts on the key sustainability priorities under our Together Towards ZERO (TTZ) ambition. All this is fundamental to our growth and imperative in our efforts to defend our license to brew and operate in Malaysia.

The oversight of our sustainability programme within our Malaysia and Singapore operations rests with the management team, led by our Managing Director and overseen by the Board of Directors.

Our Together Towards ZERO sustainability agenda is spearheaded by a local Sustainability Champion (our Corporate Affairs Director) and supported by our Supply Chain Director.

Operationally, a network of cross-functional managers and policy owners are appointed as Together Towards ZERO Target Owners to deliver a defined scope of work, responsibilities and people management, all with a direct and measurable impact towards our sustainability goals.

Diverse business functions such as supply chain operations, corporate affairs, marketing, sales, human resources and health, safety and security all contribute towards the Group’s sustainability performance.