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People, Diversity and Inclusion

At Carlsberg Malaysia Group, we recognize and acknowledge that our people are the backbone of our success. We therefore leverage a robust framework of policies, best practices and guidelines to enable us to cultivate a high-performance workforce that remains motivated and works collectively towards a shared vision.

At an overarching level, we are guided by three fundamental pillars that empower us to “Deliver Today” and “Take Care of Tomorrow” – objectives that are closely aligned with our central purpose of “Brewing for a Better Today and Tomorrow”.

The first pillar, which is to “Drive High Performance”, helps us inspire our employees to consistently deliver their best every day. To this end, we emphasise setting clear objectives and KPIs and establishing continuous dialogue to review performance and gain feedback, as well as providing a supportive and flexible working environment that values and rewards accomplishments and dedication.

The next two pillars are designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of our human capital so that we remain prepared to take on future challenges.

Under our “Healthy, Thriving Organisation” pillar, we focus on upskilling employees and building their management skills, leading with care to nurture employee well-being and overall organisational health and building a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Our third pillar of “Developing Our People” is a strategic “Know, Grow, Flow” approach to talent management that empowers us to unleash the potential of our employees and emphasise internal promotion, thus providing our people with valuable career progression opportunities across the organisation.


As the effects of the pandemic continued to impact our business and our people throughout 2021, our Management Team, supported by our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and Human Resources teams, continued to Lead With Care, safeguarding the health, financial security and holistic well-being of our people.

To curb the spread of the virus, we ensured that all health and safety SOPs and practices were stringently adhered to and tightened restrictions whenever COVID-19 cases in the community escalated.

To enable more effective social distancing within the premises, we grouped our employees into two teams with separate work schedules.

In addition, we implemented mandatory swab tests every 14 days and accelerated the vaccination of our entire workforce and other on-site contractors under the Selangor Vaccination Programme (SelVAX).

We closely monitored the well-being of our on-site third-party contractors by mandating weekly reporting, limiting hostel occupancy and segregating transport. 

We enhanced our Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) policy to provide more flexibility to staff members who had family and personal commitments. When employees returned to the office after 11 weeks of lockdown, we organised a warm welcome breakfast party with pre-packed breakfast sets, freshly picked fruits and hand brewed coffee for employees on their first day back.

Recognising the psychological impact of the pandemic, with issues such as anxiety, separation from loved ones and pandemic fatigue coming to the fore, we took the initiative to support their mental well-being by organizing a series of mental wellness talks by clinical psychiatrist Dr Eugene Koh.

Other initiatives implemented to prevent a workplace outbreak included the distribution of free face masks, the establishment of one hand sanitiser station for every 15 employees and one handwashing station for every 20 employees, daily uniform washing and sanitisation and an upgraded locker room with shower facilities.


We had further cemented our commitment towards championing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) within our workforce, as we believe this to be a fundamental strategy towards achieving a healthy and thriving organisation.

The Carlsberg Group established a Diversity & Inclusion Council to act as ambassadors for diversity and inclusion, and to provide input to the Executive Committee to define our approach on this topic.

Operating with a diverse workforce has proven to be a crucial driver of Carlsberg Malaysia Group's ongoing success, and this was especially important during the pandemic.

We established DE&I key measures as part of our HR Dashboard, and conducted an awareness campaign throughout the year. Our broad range of ages, backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints empowered us to think differently, offer innovative and balanced insights and approach problem-solving in creative new ways.

Our commitment to diversity flows from the top down. Of the nine members of the Management Team, who are aged between 36 and 55 years, there are four male and five female Directors.

This makes us a proud member of the 30% Club Malaysia, a local chapter of the global business-led campaign to promote DE&I and gender balance within boards and C-suites.

While five out of the nine Management Team members are Malaysian, the four other Directors are from Italy, France and Germany and bring to the table a greater global perspective. At the same time, two out of the five Malaysians are local university graduates, a fact that underscores our dedication to promoting equal opportunity for all employees, regardless of their educational backgrounds.

We continued to build DE&I awareness through training and monthly learning sessions, with a total of three to four topics related to diversity and inclusion delivered throughout the year.


As the Group grows and achieves its business objectives, we want our people to similarly advance their careers with us and achieve their professional objectives. Such a commitment empowers us to develop a loyal, competent and committed workforce that will enhance the sustainability of our business in the long term.

We thus utilise a strategic KNOW, GROW, FLOW approach to talent management that enables us to assess the strengths of our talents (KNOW), develop their competencies in alignment with their ambitions and our business objectives (GROW), and subsequently, expand our organisational strength and resilience by providing these next-generation leaders with career progression opportunities across the Carlsberg Group, both domestically and internationally (FLOW).

To identify and assess talent capabilities and uncover potential successors in business-critical roles, we undertake a structured talent review process at both the Group-wide and functional levels. Through understanding and assessment of performance, ability and aspirations, we can delineate the readiness of employees into four categories – Ready Now, Ready Later, Future Potential and Interim Successor – and undertake personalised initiatives to accelerate their development accordingly. From a management perspective, this enables all departments to have a clear understanding of all their talents’ capabilities and arm themselves with the knowledge required for succession planning and/or expansion activities.

Inculcating a learning culture is a key priority, as we believe it is crucial that the individual talent remains in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own career. We thus advocate and enable a wide array of initiatives to meet their diverse needs, such as setting individual learning hours targets for each employee, providing regular bite-sized learning opportunities via our Learning Bites programme, encouraging self-learning via access to LinkedIn Learning, holding leadership sharing forums for talents to inspire them and instilling a culture of continuous coaching and open feedback.

When first-time managers commence their position at Carlsberg Malaysia Group, whether they are promoted internally or hired externally, they are given special attention to help them succeed.

Under the umbrella of our Leadership Excellence Accelerated Development (LEAD) framework, we provide special courses to boost their knowledge of Carlsberg fundamentals, personal coaching by their very own line managers, e-learning courses on leadership related topics and continuous and constructive feedback to ensure that they are best equipped for long-term success.

Talent development is also a key priority for us, and while our Carlsberg LEAD Business Diploma and Carlsberg Management Trainee Programmes were put on hold due to the pandemic, we continued to undertake various other initiatives. These included the Carlsberg Apprenticeship Programme and our internship programme.

We are humbled to have received numerous awards and recognitions for our leadership strategies, people management practices and working culture last year both from the Carlsberg Group as well as from independent committees.

We will continue to strive to lead our people with care, promoting diversity and inclusivity and empowering our employees to achieve their goals and objectives as part of the Carlsberg family.