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Human Capital Development

Building a High-Performing Culture

Driving a high-performing culture is a continuous pursuit of the Carlsberg Malaysia Group in line with SAIL’22. Under the key strategic pillars of ‘Performance Management’, ‘Reward & Recognise High Performance’ and ‘Right People on the Team’, we deliver people-centric initiatives to create a winning team.

Our forward aspirations are to build strong employer branding gravitating towards “Local Heart, Global Strength” and create a diverse and inclusive organisation, where we can pride ourselves in a global mindset, a diverse talent base, equal opportunity, and inclusive leadership.


Create a Winning Culture, a fundamental enabler of our SAIL’22 strategy, is underpinned by the 3A Framework – Alignment, Accountability and Action – which sets the working ethos for all Carlsberg Group employees. In 2019, we relaunched the 3A framework to reiterate this critical enabler to accelerate as ‘one team’.


The Group continues to adopt a pay-for-performance philosophy, recognising high performers with career growth opportunities and remunerative incentives while underperformers are coached for improvements. SAIL’22 Awards are given to recognise 3A champions. Nominees are chosen by their own peers, who then undergo evaluation by the senior management team for winning merit. Winning employees embody the three elements of the 3A framework.


Carlsberg Malaysia prides ourselves in developing and accelerating career growth of our talent. To facilitate accelerated development, priority is given to internal talent to fill job vacancies. We continue to build a pipeline of young talent through our Management Trainee Programme.


At Carlsberg Malaysia, 63% of the management team are female. In 2020, we had 32% of females in managerial positions, 38% of females hired and promoted to manager positions and 50% of females given regional assignment opportunities. In addition, 38% of our management trainees were female too.

For 2021, we aim to achieve 35% female representation in managerial positions, 20% pre-screened candidates to be of minority gender/ethnicity in recruitment and three key initiatives such as 30% of female in leadership development, flexible workplace guidelines as well as a diversity and inclusion awareness campaign in Malaysia.

Together with our Diversity and Inclusion Council at the global Carlsberg Group, we outlined several awareness campaigns and learnings, including being cognisant of unconscious bias awareness and women leadership forums.

Much like it is in the wider Carlsberg family, a flat hierarchy, honest feedback and open discourse is practiced, with only five levels in the Group. Employees can grow vertically or laterally, and our people have unrestricted access to anyone else in the organisation irrespective of seniority at all times.


We employed KNOW, GROW, FLOW, a strategic approach to talent management where by assessing our talent (KNOW), we can effectively develop that talent (GROW) and then expand our organisational strength and resilience by spreading these next-generation leaders across the company and markets (FLOW). Through this robust and uniform talent management approach, talent at all levels including key executives are identified and assessed structurally.

The Board of Directors is involved in the talent assessment calibration and succession planning of key executives annually, as well as the evaluation and appointment of a successor if a vacancy or need arises. Development of succession candidates to key executives’ roles will also be reviewed and monitored by the Board based on this framework to ensure a healthy and sustainable pipeline of talent.


It is a clear requirement in Carlsberg’s Code of Ethics and Conduct that employees comply with relevant laws and regulations, where non-compliance poses serious reputational risks and financial consequences in Malaysia and for the Carlsberg Group.

This fundamental work ethic is represented within Live by Our Compass, a Group-wide programme that provides detailed guidance on ethical behaviour and emphasises the importance of integrity as part of Creating a Winning Culture.

The Carlsberg Group has a whistleblower system that enables employees to report activities that may involve criminal conduct or violations of the Carlsberg Group’s policies and guidelines. Carlsberg embraces an ‘open-door’ culture and all employees are encouraged to talk to their managers, or managers’ manager, if they believe there has been a breach. They can escalate their concerns directly to their HR business partner, the Group’s legal counsel, head of internal audit or directly to the VP of Compliance of the global Carlsberg Group.

Employees can also escalate via an email to a Speak Up mailbox, a secured web-based complaint platform, or a telephone line with designated access code that is hosted by a third-party service provider.

Read more about the Whistleblower System here:


For the first time in over three decades, our flagship community programme, the Top Ten Charity campaign, was derailed due to COVID-19. In recognition of providing relevant aid in a pandemic year, we stepped up with alternative initiatives benefiting a wider range of our customers, consumers and the community under a collective umbrella named Safer Together, with four initiatives in total:

SAFER SCHOOLS (click to watch)

Provided peace of mind for parents, teachers and students with donations of handheld thermometers and  disinfection services to more than 1,400 vernacular schools in Malaysia.

ADOPT A KEG (click to watch)

Drove on-trade consumption with free draught beers for consumers to help F&B businesses recover when outlets reopened in Malaysia and Singapore.

BRING ME HOME (click to watch)

Helped on-trade outlets to sell beers with takeaway bottles and enabled consumers to enjoy freshly tapped beer in the comfort of their home in Malaysia.


Supported neighbourhood coffee shops for a smoother recovery with cash subsidies and consumer promotions in Malaysia and Singapore.