Chemical and Hazardous Materials Management


Our ability to develop systems and procedures for the reduction of chemicals in products and processes, and proper disposal of chemical and hazardous waste.

Stakeholder Groups Most Concerned: NGOs, Industry Groups and Local Communities; Government Agencies and Regulators; Employees

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public through effective chemical and hazardous materials management.

We aim to minimise the potential risks associated with the use of chemicals in all our operations by ensuring that the usage of chemicals is optimised at all levels of our processes and fully complies with all relevant regulatory requirements. This includes performing monthly internal audits on scheduled waste management and Wastewater Treatment Plant performance monitoring, and sending in our reports to the Department of Environment on time.

We also constantly develop and implement tried and tested processes. For example, we have a licensed waste collector who is responsible for disposing of our hazardous waste, and we take responsibility for ensuring that he carries out his duties to the highest standards and in full compliance with all regulations.

Going forward, we will continue to train our employees, service providers and contractors to ensure they are aware of the proper practices and guidelines with regards to chemical and hazardous materials management.