The Search Is Back For Malaysia's Draught Master Expert


Genting Highlands, 6 August 2013 - Taking the Belgian beer experience to a new level, Carlsberg Malaysia’s subsidiary , Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (LHFB) showcased the centuries old annual event that honors beer connoisseurs’ mastery of the Stella Artois 9-Step Pouring Ritual. Held for the fourth consecutive year, the Malaysian finalists from across the nation rendezvoused at Genting International Convention Centre to stand a chance to represent the country at the inaugural Regional World Draught Master in Bangkok, Thailand.

Inspired by more than 600 years of brewing tradition, this annual competition encourages staff training and development in the art of delivering a superior beer experience to consumers while celebrating the sophisticated elegance in pouring skill to create the ultimate “She Is The Thing of Beauty”- a perfect Chalice of Stella Artois. Each step of the timehonored 9-step Stella Artois pouring ritual will be scrutinised by a panel of beer pouring experts who will score the competing bartenders.

“A perfect pour is fundamental to experiencing the perfect Stella Artois. The brand's timehonored 9-step Pouring Ritual helps ensure the beer are served and poured in care, consideration and craftsmanship, and it is important that all those who enjoy Stella Artois pay as much attention to serving it as we do to making it," said Kenneth Soh, General Manager of Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd in his speech.

The 2013 Malaysia World Draught Masters saw a line-up of many professional and experienced judges from the international and local FMCG industry. Aside from Kenneth, the judging panel at this year’s competition included Henrik Andersen, Managing Director, Carlsberg Malaysia, Kristian Dahl, Supply Director, Carlsberg Malaysia, Philip Tan, Regional Director for South Asia, AB-InBev International and Edward Arthur Holloway, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, Genting Malaysia Berhad.

“Belgian beers are traditionally served in unique glasses developed to accentuate each beer’s unique flavor profile. For Stella Artois, that glass is the Chalice. The 9-Step pouring ritual makes the best use of the Chalice’s frame, stem and signature rim, and offers the best possible Stella Artois experience. The 9-Step pouring ritual is a subtle but important sign of respect for the customer. We train Stella Artois connoisseurs nationwide to master the technique, and we invite the very potential bartenders to compete against their peers from different outlets nationwide. We are looking forward to the best-of-the-best candidates to represent Malaysia and hopefully, earn the title of World Draught Master in the 17th Stella Artois World Draught Master global competition that will be held in Cannes, France by 2014,” shared Henrik in his officiating speech.

“A perfectly poured Chalice is a thing of a beauty. The training and support has helped my skills not only in pursuit of executing the 9-steps pouring ritual flawlessly but also as a bartender. With such a storied brewing tradition, I hope there will be more bartenders who will benefit from this training to ensuring every Chalice of Stella Artois is perfectly poured and serve great beer,” Liew Xin Yin, the Winner of the 2011 Malaysia World Draught Masters who represented Malaysia at the Global World Draught Masters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The 9-Step pouring ritual at the heart of the World Draught Master competition is rhythmic and complex. The steps include:

Step 1: The Purification The Chalice must be cleaned and rinsed.

Step 2: The Sacrifice The tap is opened in a single swift motion and the first drops of beer are poured.

Step 3: The Liquid Alchemy The Chalice must be held at a 45° angle, just under the tap.

Step 4: The Crown Lowering the Chalice permits the natural formation of the foam head.

Step 5: The Removal The tap is closed quickly and the Chalice removed. No drips permitted.

Step 6: The Beheading While the head foams up and threatens to overflow, a head cutter is deployed to smooth it gently.

Step 7: The Cleansing The bottom and sides of the Chalice are to be cleaned.

Step 8: The Judgment The perfect amount of foam equals two fingers.

Step 9: The Bestowal The beer should be presented on a clean coaster, with the logo facing outward.

About Stella Artois®

Stella Artois traces its origin back to 1366 to the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium, just outside of Brussels. The beer was originally brewed to celebrate Christmas, and it was named Stella (Latin for "star") for its exceptional clarity. Stella Artois has a pleasantly bitter flavor and refreshing finish that distinguishes it from other European lagers. Stella Artois should only be served in its signature chalice, which showcases its rich, golden color while releasing the beer's flavour and aroma.

About World Draught Master

The Stella Artois 2012 World Draught Masters is an annual event which was established since 1997. A local competition is held to determine an ambassador before competing on an international stage against countries from around the globe. Each step of the time-honoured 9-step Stella Artois pouring ritual will be scrutinized, in the quest to earn the coveted title of Stella Artois World Draught Master.


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