It’s Fun, It’s New, It’s Refreshingly More…It’s Somersby 0.0!

Chill-out with Somersby 0.0 anytime, anywhere and relish the same good taste of Somersby Apple, now excitingly available in Sarawak

KUCHING, 14 July 2022 – Get ready for a whole new world of fun as Somersby launches another progressive new variant, the brand’s second product innovation this year! Offering Sarawakians optimism in a can, the alcohol-free Somersby Apple 0.0, brewed with premium non-alcoholic fermented apple juice, gives more spunk and zest with its pleasant sparkling sweetness for a refreshingly different thirst quencher.

Known for its enjoyable and cheerful traits, Somersby 0.0 maintains the brand’s true essence; a sparkling fruit drink that comes with the finest ingredients and limitless enjoyment. Somewhat akin to a cider mixed with a spritzer, Somersby Apple 0.0 has the celebratory feel of a bottle of sparkling fruit drink with its charming sweetness and refreshingly more non-alcoholic.

Spotted with a refreshing blue hue on its packaging, signifying alcohol-free universally, Somersby Apple 0.0 is brewed with premium apple juice, without any form of alcohol-based liquid added into it. Classified under the soft drink category, it is a sparking juice drink perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the moment, anytime, anywhere, and any way they like for a ‘Refreshingly More’ experience.

“Alcohol-free beverages are growing in popularity globally as consumers have greater interest on wellness and alcohol-free choices. Building on the growth momentum of our stellar Somersby Apple brand, we believe this is the perfect time to introduce an alcohol-free sparkling fruit drink variant. We are also extremely glad to be back again to introduce a new product here in Sarawak, just two months after we presented our limited-edition Harvest Festival cans,” said Pearl Lai, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director of Carlsberg Malaysia.  

“Choosing Somersby as the brand for our first foray into the non-alcoholic beverage category adds icing on the cake to our portfolio brands. Our emphasis on innovation and quality goes beyond just producing great beer. The Somersby 0.0 alcohol-free beverage gives us the opportunity to deliver new revenue by venturing into an untapped market. It also enables us to be a committed brewer in advocating responsible consumption,” added Lai.

Held at ZOZO Beans & Booze, guests and members of the press were treated to a fun upbeat party that depicted the creative nature of the new non-alcoholic Somersby Apple 0.0. Laced with great vibes and cheerful chatter, like any good chill-out session would be, Somersby Apple 0.0 made an impressive debut into the Sarawak market.

Somersby Apple 0.0 is now available in the fruitful form of 320ml cans, 4-pack cans and a carton, in stores nationwide.

Promising a fun, new adventure, the Somersby Apple 0.0 is best served over ice and is an easy-to-drink non-alcoholic beverage that can be savoured anytime, anywhere.

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Group Photo (from left): Billy Lee, owner of Zozo Beans & Booze; Aylmer Wee, Carlsberg Malaysia's Regional Sales Manager, East Malaysia; Olga Pulyaeva, Carlsberg Malaysia's newly-appointed Marketing Director; Pearl Lai, Carlsberg Malaysia's Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director; and Joyce Lee, Carlsberg Malaysia's Marketing Manager, Premium Brands.

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Carlsberg Malaysia's Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director Pearl Lai: "We are also extremely glad to be back again to introduce a new product here in Sarawak, just two months after we presented our limited-edition Harvest Festival cans."