Carlsberg Beer In Men's Grooming Series

Carlsberg Enters the World of Men’s Grooming Series this Christmas!

SHAH ALAM, November 30, 2015 –This is the season for holiday cheer! Looking to pamper yourself or that special someone with the most unique gift? Carlsberg will show you the way… Introducing the first-of-its kind limited edition Carlsberg Men’s grooming line that keeps you looking your best, while keeping your ruggedness intact.

Masculine scale checked! With half a liter of Carlsberg beer in each bottle, these green containers hold more than just a shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. Stay faithful to our “beery” products – your bad hair days may probably be over. Gone are the days of sneaking your girlfriend’s body lotion for that soft skin!

Don’t believe us? This men’s line is packed with vitamin B and Silicium from barley, hops and yeast which leaves skin feeling bright and hair looking shiny and strong! Natural and not-tested-on-animals! Did we mention that it is a limited edition product with only 200 exclusive sets available in Malaysia?

At RM380 excluding GST, for the set of shampoo, conditioner and body lotion in 250ml bottles, that’s a reasonable price to pay for smelling good, looking great and feeling simply amazing. If you think you’ve tried a Carlsberg beer, give the Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series a shot. We know you want to. And please, try not to drink it … Shower and groom responsibly!

Can’t wait? Let the countdown begin! The Carlsberg premium set can be purchased online from the 10 December 2015 at Just in time for your Christmas shopping!

Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series is the third phase of the brand’s marketing campaign “If Carlsberg Did…” It is also an extension of the latest video “If Carlsberg Did Haircuts…” which offers a refreshing take on how Carlsberg can make the haircut experience so much better for men. Taking a stride forward to deliver the best to consumers in everything it does, Carlsberg does not do haircuts, but we can offer you probably the best beer…and best grooming products in the world!

Carlsberg has collaborated with Lazada, an exclusive e-commerce partner for the sale of Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series!

Learn more about the Carlsberg Men’s Grooming Series at


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