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Investor FAQ


How many breweries are operating in Malaysia?

There are presently two breweries – Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad and Heineken Malaysia Berhad – operating in the Malaysian market which are approved by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and licensed in accordance with the Industrial Co-ordination Act 1975 (ICA). In 2007, Napex Corporation was licensed by the Royal Malaysian Customs’ commercial operations to manufacture and distribute some local beer brands.



1. What is the duty composition in Malaysia?

Beer, cider and stout manufactured in Malaysia are subject to Malaysia excise duty and Sales & Services Tax (SST), the latter of which was reintroduced on 1 September 2018 replacing the Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Excise duty payments for beer and cider are at RM175 per 100% volume per litre and RM60 per 100% volume per litre respectively. Sales tax is also levied at 10% of principally the ex-factory invoice price on all products sold.

2. What was the past trend of duty increases for beer and stout and when was the last duty increase?

Excise duty was last increased in March 2016 and Ad Valorem duty of 15% ex-brewery price was removed. As of 16 March 2022, this remains unchanged.

3. What is the import duty on beer?

The import duty for beer is RM5.00 per litre.


Who is the Company's largest shareholder?

As at 8 February 2022, Carlsberg Breweries A/S (CBAS) holds a 51.00% equity interest in Carlsberg Malaysia. CBAS is a company incorporated in Denmark and is one of the world’s leading brewers with strong market positions across Asia and Europe


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What are the investments by Carlsberg Malaysia as at 31 December 2021?

The following are the subsidiaries of the Group:

Lion Brewery (Ceylon) PLC is the Associate Entity of the Group:



What is Carlsberg Malaysia's 5-year dividend payment as a percentage of net profit?