It is my privilege and pleasure to present Carlsberg Malaysia's fourth Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Report, which chronicles our CSR journey in the past one year. CSR forms an integral part in our business and is deeply embedded throughout our value chain as it plays a critical role in the success of our business.

The year 2014 was particularly meaningful to us as a company as we celebrated 45 years of our existence as a successful brewer and responsible corporate citizen in Malaysia. In that time, we have successfully implemented effective CSR initiative that have made a positive impact on our many stakeholders and built enduring ties with them.

Today, we remain committed to strengthening this solid record of accomplishment and to bolstering our foundations for sustainable growth.

Amongst 178 of 900 companies listed on Bursa Malaysia with a market capitalisation of more than RM1 billion, Carlsberg Malaysia topped the list of companies with the best CSR initiatives in the "below RM10 billion market capitalisation" category. This honour, which comes on the back of some remarkable milestones, underscores how seriouswe are about upholding good CSR pratices.

Over the years, we have looked to our CSR Framework to guide us in all our undertakings and investments in the key focus areas of Marketplace, Community, Workplace and Environment. The framework has certainly helped create value for our businesses, operations and brands as well as our stakeholders and the environment.

Our CSR efforts are also governed by a set of seven policies covering the important areas of Labour and Human Rights, Marketing Communications, Health and Safety, Business Ethics, Community Engagement, Environment and Drink Responsibly. We introduced the Drink Responsibly Policy in 2014 to strengthen our role in promoting responsible drinking among customers and consumers. In addition to the seven policies, we also have the Supplier & Licensee Code of Conduct, which guides our suppliers on their business conduct with us.

The year saw us continuing our collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy of Malaysia to conduct supplier assessments for the second consecutive year, this time with another two suppliers. These assessments ensure that our suppliers comply with our Group policies including those pertaining to child labour, non- discrimination of race, religion and background, as well as the environment. Results indicate that these assessments have helped our suppliers to improve their internal processes. We aim to continue the assessment programme in 2015 so that more suppliers will benefit from adopting higher standards within their businesses.

In line with our aspirations to become an efficient green brewer, we developed a new strategy for sustainable packaging based on the four guiding principles of Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle and Rethink. This initiative saw us collaborating with our suppliers to adopt a thinner 50 micron shrink wrap (previously a 60 micron shrink wrap) which gave us similar packaging strength while reducing our carbon footprint. We also successfully reduced energy consumption by 5% in 2014.

For a good part of our 45 years as a caring corporate citizen, Carlsberg Malaysia has endeavoured to make a tangible impact on communities through various charitable initiatives. In 2014, we expanded our reach by launching our charity outreach, the J.C. Jacobsen Foundation (the Foundation). Named after Carlsberg’s founder to reflect his philanthropic spirit, the Foundation aims to provide sustainable solutions for the betterment of Malaysian society through education, sports and environmental activities. Post-launch, the Foundation initiated several environmental-related activities. Going forward, it will focus its efforts on activities that will yield the highest impact for beneficiaries in the areas of education and the environment.

As a leading brewery, we advocate responsible drinking among consumers. Following the success of 2013’s Drink Responsibly Awareness Campaign,we rolled out our 2014 campaign at several activations and key promotional events such as Future Music Festival Asia, the Maybank Malaysian Open, Harvest Festival in East Malaysia and the Oktoberfest festivities. Through our efforts, some 1,200 consumers signed up to be Drink Responsibly ambassadors.

Our people are indeed the reason for our success and we are committed to growing our workforce by attracting, retaining and developing great talent.In 2014, we continued to enhance the leadership skills and competenciesof our people, implement a host of effective training and development programmes, offer competitive remuneration packages and createa conducive workplace. Through employee engagement platforms like our Thirst for Great Hour and Sports& Recreation Club, we built esprit de corps, infused a good work-life balance and strengthened employee satisfaction levels. Our efforts in this area proved fruitful as reflected in our 2014 MyVoice annual employee satisfaction survey that showed scores for the employee engagement category rising by 2% to 75%.

As Carlsberg Malaysia commits to making strong strides forward on the business front, we remain committed to integrating good CSR practices throughout our value chain and business functions. We are deeply grateful to all stakeholders who have encouraged us to push the CSR envelope with their feedback and support. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to our management and employees for their unwavering dedication and contributions to making CSR an integral component of our operations and a priority going forward.

We trust you will find our 2014 CSR Report a useful, informative and inspiring read and we look forward to more opportunities in 2015 where we can continue to make an impact among our stakeholders. Thank you.

Henrik Juel Andersen
Managing Director